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GMSEN is here to showcase SE activity across GM and connect SEs with opportunities, to identify and map the eco-system of support for SEs in the city region, provide signposting to networks and support that exist and to encourage the development of support in places and thematic areas where it is lacking. So, please sign up!

We also encourage you to seek out local and thematic networks for more hands-on, tailored support and to use our directory to identify social enterprises who are happy to engage in peer support.


Connect with other social enterprises, discover resources and information to support your work, and gain opportunities for collaborations and business...
-   Publicise your SE, what you do and what products and services you offer to potential customers and investors
-   Identify others registered with the network that you can get in touch with to develop collaborations, seek support and receive notification of opportunities
-   Identify enterprises whose products or services match with opportunities you may have

See the SE registration form for the definition of a social enterprise we are using.

NON SOCIAL ENTERPRISE REGISTRATION is for those who don't fit the SE definition but who still want to be involved with GMSEN and:

-   Show your support for the SE movement in GM
-   Engage with a network of likeminded individuals across GM which will enable collaborations, mutual support, signposting and opportunities
-   Receive information and updates about SE in GM and how you can get involved and get in touch
-   Have access to a range of new website features as they are added

Please note: the network code of conduct emphasises that the network must not be used for unsolicted sales and advertising campaigns.