We would like to thank all those who offered comments and feedback on the draft for a Greater Manchester social enterprise strategy, which was circulated for comments in September 2018 to social enterprise networks in GM, GM strategic partners and other key local and national agencies.

The strategic approach reflected in the draft strategy document was developed by the GMSEN stakeholder group in 2017-18 with involvement of key GM strategic partners – GM Chamber of Commerce, GMCA, GMCVO, GM Health and Social Care Partnership, GM VCSE Reference Group. We would like to thank all those involved for their input, particularly Chris Dabbs, Chair of GMSEN, whose efforts have been invaluable.

As a result of the comments we have received, we have put together a vision for social enterprise in Greater Manchester which will be formally published at the Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Summit on Thursday 15th November - Social Enterprise Day - showing the role that social enterprise can play in delivering the Greater Manchester Strategy. The vision document is now available here.

The Social Enterprise Summit will discuss the key role of social enterprise in creating a thriving, inclusive economy in all parts of Greater Manchester. The goal that the vision document sets out is for social enterprise to be at the forefront of a new wave of ethical and socially responsible business in the city region. The vision also includes some potential aims for a GM Social Enterprise Strategy.

The Social Enterprise Summit will be the start of a process of engagement and discussion around the actions needed to deliver the vision. This process will take into account the comments received on the Action Plan section of the draft document and will also involve discussing and agreeing practical actions and responsibilities, specific targets and outcome measures and the process of implementation. For this stage, we will invite very wide involvement.